One of SCG Decor’s strengths is developing “innovative” products.
In the past 5 years, the company has delivered many innovations and High-Value Asset (HVA) to the market to answer the consumers’ needs and increase the product value, which will be able to be priced higher than normal average products in the industry, with HVA products making up 21% out of all sales revenue of 30,253.8 Million Baht in 2022.

Tile :

1.  Hygienic Tile,
anti-bacteria tiles more than 90% and silver nano releasing positive ions for eliminating bacteria 
2.  Air-ion,
air-purifying tiles with negative-ion in glazing
3.  Anti-Slip Tile,
slip-resistance tile


4.  Decorative tiles
such as mosaic tiles which can meet various functional demands
5.  Stone Plastic Composite and Luxury Vinyl Tile



Wares & Fittings :

1.  Smart Toilet,
with automatic sensor system, special nozzle, heated seat and warm air dryer


2.  Automatic Faucet 

3.  Sanitary wares & fittings under the concept of “SOLUTION IN A BOX”
in which its highlights of Mix & Match, allowing customers to customize their products such as sinks, faucet openers, towel rails, and drain covers