SCG Decor aims to reinforce its leadership position in the Decor Surfaces & Bathroom industries,


with the goal of elevating the quality of life and sustainable living. The company has established strategies to align with its objectives, including the following details:

1.  Expand Bathroom Business to ASEAN

The sanitary ware group in Thailand is a highly profitable business group, with number 1 sales and market share. The new innovations presented are such as “COTTO Smart Toilet,” which answers the need for health and sanitary trends. SCG Decor also plans to expanding the export of health and wellness products to other potential ASEAN markets under brand such as COTTO Prime Mariwasa and KIA. 

2.  Fortify Leading Position in ASEAN Decor Surfaces

The company uses various design and research innovations to cater to every lifestyle, from economical group, standard group, and premium group. A focus is placed on High Value Added Products & Services (HVA) such as "LT floor tile Smart Flexible by COTTO," which is a flexible material and convenient installation and maintenance innovation and has natural patterns and textures, “AIR ION,” air purifier tiles, and other related products such as installation and repair products, cement tile adhesive, and grout etc. Moreover, the company has plans to improve upon the experience and strong business model to the ASEAN region, which has a high growth opportunity to accelerate the growth of SCG Decor business. SCG Decor can transfer the key strengths of Design and R&D innovations in Thailand to other countries’ manufacture. There is also a plan to develop SCG Decor’s products in each country to be more trustworthy and acceptable.

3.  Expand to Complementary Products and Services

SCG Decor utilizes a one-stop solution from collaboration of Decor Surfaces and Bathroom business and related businesses and services to improve the business operating ability.


4.  Maximize Profit through Regional Optimization and Global Sourcing

To increase the ability to create revenue and profit, the company collaborates between production bases within the region by managing the manufacturing power efficiently (Regional Optimization), and cooperates between companies in the group to efficiently source products from regions around the world (Global Sourcing Powerhouse) to fulfill the variety of Decor Surfaces and Bathroom products and cover the customers’ needs more.

5.  Grow Sustainably with Green Products and Processes

The company develops Green products and environment-friendly processes, reducing product waste and recycling them as Green products to profit while lessening energy cost with renewable energy and solar energy. The company aims to decrease the net Greenhouse gas emission to zero within 2050 (NET ZERO 2050) which is in accordance with ESG initiatives (Environmental, Social, and Governance)