Supporting strategies to break into the ASEAN market 


SCG Decor believes that the company’s success throughout its whole operation proves the company’s competitiveness, including the ability to grow in the future. SCG Decor’s business has important strengths as seen below:

1.  Dominant ASEAN Decor Surfaces and Bathroom Player

The company is the leader of the Decor Surfaces and Bathroom Sanitary business in ASEAN to answer more than 560 million consumers’ needs by being the "Space of Happiness - For Better Living of ASEAN People" (in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Indonesia).


2.  Highly Recognized Brands Across Region Covering All Customer Segments and Product Lines

The company owns a recognizable and respected brand in the region, with a diverse line of products to cover high-level, middle-level, and mass market customers. The company also received trust from leading real estate developers.


3.  Specialized Design and R&D Team with Capability to Develop Award-winning and HVA Products

The company has a Design and R&D Team with more than 250 members across ASEAN. The team is able to develop products which cater to the customers’ comfort and need, develop HVA products, and present new innovations, such as COTTO Smart Toilet, which answers the need of health and sanitary trend, LT tile by COTTO,  Air ion air purifier tile, grout tile etc.

4.  Quality Excellence Underpinned by State of the art Technology

The company presents internal and external surfaces decor products, and floor and wall tiles. The tiles ranging from small to big tiles, the bathroom sanitary ware, and various related-equipment to cater to every lifestyle of customers, developed with leading technology, automatic machines, and artificial intelligence.


5.  Deep Market Penetration, Well Diversified Customer Base with Multiple Distribution Channels Including Own Retail Platform

The company has sales channels across the regional level, and has old-fashioned retail stores, new retail stores, and SCG Decor retail stores. Moreover, there are 100 branches of ceramic stores in Thailand, direct sales to project customers. and a strong network of sales representative stores. SCG Decor has more than 592 sales representatives network (Dealer) in Thailand, and 277 dealers in other countries, covering important areas of each country.


6.  Growing Sustainably Through Green Products and ESG Initiatives

The company develops Green products and environment-friendly processes, reducing product waste and recycling them as Green products to profit while lessening energy cost with renewable energy and solar energy. The company aims to decrease the net Greenhouse gas emission to zero within 2050 (NET ZERO 2050) which is in accordance with ESG initiatives (Environmental, Social, and Governance)


7.  Experienced Board and Management Team with Interdisciplinary Skills and having Synergistic benefits of SCG Group Ecosystem

The company has the Board and Management Team with more than 20 years of experience in ceramic tiles and bathroom sanitary wares business. Moreover, it has received cooperation from SCG network from service sharing to increase operating ability such as finance and accounting, laws, and human resources etc.