SCG Decor Public Company Limited (''SCG Decor") operates as holding company in which its subsidiaries and associates operate business as manufacturer of Floor tiles, Wall tiles in Thailand and other countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, and Indonesia, and manufacturer of bathroom products in Thailand. 

In addition, SCG Decor sources various products for sale and has retail stores to distribute and sell ceramic tiles, bathroom products, other decor surfaces and other related products, as well as related research and development. SCG Decor also operates other businesses such as industrial estate.

SCG Decor is the leader in decor surfaces and bathroom business in ASEAN. SCG Decor is meticulous in every process of its business from selecting of raw material for manufacturing ceramic tiles and bathroom, monitoring, and inspection every manufacturing process, sourcing quality and variety products from 3rd party manufacturers, and distributing and providing quality service in reasonable price to create customers' satisfaction and enhance customers' better living in every country that SCG Decor has its presence. 

In addition, SCG Decor continuously carries on research and development by utilizing new technology for the manufacturing, managing & operating, inventory management, distribution to capture the changing in preferences and behavior of customers, and increasing the efficiency of the value chain.